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"Empowering Minds and Changing Lives!"

Hailed as the epitome of a true success story and the most exciting, effective and em-powering educator of her time and style, Victoria Gatsby (Green-Brackins) has a track record for helping "people who lead ordinary lives to achieve extraordinary results." As a self-proclaimed "confrontational speaker", she is deemed one of the most exhilarating educators of her time, becoming highly decorated and respected as she has traveled the world, pursuing her passion and lifework of teaching and learning. She has been blessed to harness and use the power of education as a God-given gift to change her own life substantially as well as tens of thousands of people worldwide. As a master teacher and student of success and achievement, Victoria was able to retire as an award winning high school and college Economics teacher at the young age of 35 to become a professional stock options trader and success and achievement trainer.

Be-cause she overcame poverty, abuse and abandonment to realize her dreams of true wealth, many have said that her gifting to teach the idea of "achievement through all manners of adversity" shaped by her amazing life story, creates a clear connection to the average person in search of success. Brackins is a Master teacher, minister of teaching by spiritual gifting, published and bestselling author/columnist, certified suc-cess and achievement trainer and professional stock trader, consistently recognized for her expertise and high result yielding instructional strategies throughout the world, in both the academic and self help/personal development arenas. As an advocate for the life changing power of quality education through various mediums, Brackins has authored several books, bestselling Better Than Average, Closed Legs, Open Heart (2005), When the Choice is My Own (2008) and Where Is Her Mama? : Practical Advice and Wise Counsel for Our Daughters (2013), created seminars, audio/video training and mentoring programs such as Better Than Average (a 1 to 3 day seminar based on her best selling success principles book), Better Than Average Mindset Ma-keover, Replacing or Doubling Your Income, $tacks in $tocks Investing Seminar, A Game: Changing Your Address By Changing Your Attitude, Affirmations and Actions, Five to Thrive: 5 Key Success Principles to Go From Good to Great and Teaching Economics is Common Sense (2014), From Passion, Purpose and Pain to Pages: A 6 Month Writing Mentorship, founded and operated a successful t-shirt line and publishing company as well as Milk and Hunee Success Education® company.

As the founder, CEO and lead trainer, hence the creative and constructive foundation of all these endeavors, Brackins is truly committed to and elated to live her mission of " empowering minds to change lives" through teaching the substance and style of success in all areas of life. Victoria is a proud graduate of Spelman College and Troy University, and enjoys reading, shopping, fashion, good food, stock market trading, teaching in different arenas and traveling the world. She coined the phrase and lives by the motto, "You can learn your way out of every situation and on to any destination."